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Current Projects: Writing and Film

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They Don't Leave
(Writer, Director, Producer)

They Don't Leave is a short horror / drama based in Montana. The story follows Carly, a divorced alcoholic who seeks refuge in a remote ancestral cabin only to be confronted by demons that have haunted her family for generations. It has been selected at 18 film festivals so far and won the Big Sky Film Grant. Official trailer can be found here. They Don't Leave will be available to watch on Youtube from September 2024. 

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The Stray

The Stray is a feature length neo noir script that is ready for sale on the marketplace. A wandering private investigator lends her skills to a missing person case that forces her to deal with a deeply buried piece of her own traumatic past. This project is currently set to "discoverable" on Coverfly, and is ranked in the top 3% of all their feature screenplays. 

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A Flicker in the Water

 A Flicker in The Water is a feature length Gothic drama script set on the dramatic Cornwall coast. Ava, a reclusive painter, begins to see a young girl in her paintings that she can't remember painting. As the depictions  become more and more sinister,  Ava begins begins to wonder if she’s about to do something awful or if there's something else living in the work she creates.

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Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields is a sci fi family drama about a dysfunctional family that are stuck in purgatory. In order for them to finally be at peace, they need to right the wrongs of their relationships and correct the choices they made on earth. 

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Awards & Accolades : They Don't Leave 

Awards & Industry Feedback : The Stray 


Awards, Accolades & Industry Feedback : The Stray

Grant Recipient - Artist Residency - Chateau d'Orquevaux
Finalist - Stage 32 Feature Screenwriting Fellowship Competition 
Semifinalist - The Script Lab 
Quarterfinalist - WeScreenplay Feature Lab 2024
Quarterfinalist - Outstanding Screenplays Feature Competition 2023

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"The Stray is a gripping neo-noir mystery with a charismatic, complicated protagonist, an intriguing central abduction case, and an atmospheric, evocative Arizona setting. It is a polished, exciting piece of storytelling, using the tropes of classic noir fiction to create a modern and resonant mystery. Anyone who's a fan of the genre will be super impressed."

"The Stray is a strong and confident feature thriller that successfully delivers all the elements of an
engaging film: great plot, compelling mystery, strong lead characters and enjoyable dialogue."

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