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Filmmaker | Video Editor | Videographer

Offering video production services for London based clients at reasonable prices.



I have been shooting and editing video for ten years and have worked as a professional videographer for four.

I have shot and edited for a variety of clients in New York and London including Pop PR, The New York Times,  Hashtag Magazine and Joshua Kane. In the past year I have shifted my focus to producing music videos. I also have an ongoing collaboration with Clean Body Health, a business in South London. 


With an emphasis on speed, professionalism and pushing the boundaries of creativity, my goal is always to exceed my client's expectations instead of meeting them.



"Caz captured my exact vision for the TAHG fashion film series and committed to its success from day one! She was very patient with my varying ideas and carried out a high-level of professionalism throughout the creative process.

She is passionate, authentic and pays close attention to detail. In the end, she produced fantastic work that we are proud of. It has been our pleasure working with her"

- Chia Maka, TAHG Fashion House

"Caz, or Dolly P as she sometimes likes to be called, is super reliable. She's been working with us consistently for 8 months (over 100 videos) and never failed to get the project completed on time. She also puts in the extra hours when necessary which is an irreplaceable asset to any small business. 

- Obi Odigboh, Owner of  Clean Body Health 

"Shes's very easy going and open to creative direction which is always a pleasure when collaborating" 

-  Fakta MC Music Artist 

"She captured my vision perfectly and was detrimental in fulfilling what I wanted as an artist. She worked countless hours to make my project perfect and I could not have asked for a better collaborator in terms of creative direction, editing and creativity when it came to putting together my story. I would seriously recommend her to everyone I know. " 

-  Alessa Aichinger, Music Artist 

"Caz is fantastic. Very patient with my varying requests and super fast, too."

Paul Allman, Filmmaker 

"She is a highly committed individual  who demonstrated a strong sense of passion, individuality and professionalism  while working with us."

- David Hutton,  Media Strategist, UN



Do you want to learn more about my work or start a collaboration together? Get in touch today.

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